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Sense Theory

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Cognitive processes of human brain are strongly tied to such a well-known part of the brain as cortex. All psychological, logical or illogical solutions made by a human being are the result of the cortex. Thus, the maximum approximation of mathematical theory to the processes of the cortex can become a good trampoline to the creation of a self-learning intellectual system, a Real Artificial Intelligence.

We propose a new concept of mathematical theory which gives a possibility to form, find and separate senses of two or more objects of different nature. The theory encompasses the knowledge of cybernetics, linguistics, neurobiology, and classical mathematics.

The Sense Theory is not a part of traditional mathematics as we know it now, it is a new paradigm of how we can formalize complex cognitive processes of the human brain.

For more details, see pdf-format file here

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