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Proof of Participation Protocol


We present an innovative approach to the design of a decentralized asynchronous protocol that will, first, let business of any kind realize any project that can be formalized on a “step-by-

step” basis, second, allow its users to completely solve Byzantine problem with one or many contracts-related associative network (subnetwork), third, allow business to design, if needed, a strictly economy-based model that can be stable for a long period of time.

The innovative approach is totally based on the technology of Smart Transaction [1].

The protocol is mainly focused on a practical realization of economical business contracts of any kind.

1. Introduction

At any asynchronous decentralized system there is a main task for any active process. The main task for a single process is to know the current state of other active related processes. In conventional asynchronous protocol, there is no other method besides sending a state request to all the processes of a network. In our context, the asynchronous protocol is a protocol that works with processes each of which is associated with one or several business contracts. By Smart Transactions the main task can be easily solved by dynamic verification of process’s input channel.

PoP protocol is an associative decentralized network that consists of contract-associated processes with contract-based responsibilities. The state of a process of the network is “active”, if and only if the process is a part of one or more business contracts. Otherwise, the state of the process is considered as an “inactive” one.

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