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Neuro-Amorphic Function


As a good try, we took liberty for formula derivation that would allow describing many physical phenomena. In Nature, we face many situations when a single magnitude is a reason for drastic

changes in the whole physical process. A single flexible instrument for describing processes of any kind would help a lot.

We propose a function for generating mathematical models for a process behavior.

We introduce special parameters that will help researchers find an acceptable solution for their tasks. The Dynamics coefficient, as well as dynamic function, is crucial for graph change. It can be

used for the dynamic corrections of the whole physical process.

1. Introduction In practice, we see many tries to describe a complex process by usage of many formulas. But many of those formulas are good for one single process and not acceptable for another. With high probability, there is no single solution for many complex processes and uniform formula as well. But it looks possible to formulate a mathematical transformer with the possibility to change its properties depending on changes in the process. Mathematically it can be realized as a transition from one formula to another. In other words, we use the core formula that changes their properties with changing dynamic function and relevant parameters. Unlike the spline function, the neuro-amorphic function (NAF) includes the unchangeable core part that is defined on the whole space of real numbers.

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