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"Make Artificial Intelligence the best friend and helper in people’s daily life"

Egger Mielberg, Arllecta founder

Our Story

Our team began to form in early 2001. At that time, Egger Mielberg,  Ralf Rielmann, and Michael Tarkov were involved in some kind of neuronet-based scientific project. The task of the project was to design a predictive mathematical system for spaceship cargo loading. 

In 2012, after one-and-half-year-brainstorm Mielberg presented a new AI-driven multilingual search engine. The search engine is capable of searching for topic- and sense-focused information worldwide. It also guarantees a non-repeatability and uniqueness of a search result.

In 2014, working as an external chief solution architect for one of the most prominent logistic US companies, Mielberg invented "Neuro-Amorphic Function" for his mathematical price-per-mile model.  

In early 2016, inspired by Blockchain technology, Dan Gerasi, Hanna Feiffer, Michael Tarkov, Helen Crouzer, and Egger Milberg decided to go deep into the creation of the new concept of bank service. After that, two innovative technologies were created, "Proof of Participation (PoP): Asynchronous Byzantine Activity-Oriented Protocol" and "Decentralized Chain of Transactions. Neurochain".   


In 2018, Milberg's focus fell on creating a new generation of artificial intelligence that would work on the sense-to-sense paradigm. This is how "Sense Theory" and "ArLLecta: A Decentralized Sense-To-Sense Network" were created. 

In 2019, a large European telecommunications holding drew on the practical significance of the implementation of Arllecta technology.   

In 2020, after the completion of the Proof of Concept events, the holding became the first large customer at a time when Arllecta services were still at the alpha testing stage.

Our team has the following but not limited to expertises:  

  • Over 12 years of AI modeling

  • Over 20 years in the math model creation

  • 7+ years of US market work experience  ​

  • Neurobiology, Cybernetics, Informatics, Linguistic and Mathematics high-skilled knowledge 

  • The USA, European market expertise

  • Own innovative state-of-the-art technology stack

  • 5+ potential patent cases

  • long-term self-motivation of the team

  • the daily "never give up" policy

Experienced Leadership

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