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Longevity research


Recent studies by our team that is engaged in medical projects, including the results of practical testing of own Medllecta: hematological preventive method, give us reason to believe that the algorithms and paradigm of the Sense Theory can give useful results in the future in the field of synthesis of medicinal preparations that support the state of both individual organs and systems human body in a state of "youth".


Our team launched an initial 2-year research project called "250 years of youth". We believe that looking at the problem of longevity from a different plane with powerful tools of sense analysis can give us completely unexpected results.

Our research motto is "Risk less, Analyze more!"

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We are sure that the number of years of life is directly proportional to the number of opportunities for a person seeking. Each thinking year can bring both disappointment and grandiose success.


However, it should be remembered that every result is IMPORTANT!

Our mission is to enable thinking people to think longer and analyze better!


Any action has a sense component relative to another action in nature.

Our future is to combine all global actions with meanings into a single sense network.

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Data Analysis

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Oncology clinical trials

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51%  progress >>> 

  • Sense Theory Analysis

  • Transcriptomic analysis

  • Proteomic analysis

  • Metabolomic analysis

  • Onco-proteomic analysis

  • Sense-to-Sense algorithm studies

  • Immunoenzymatic studies

  • Biochemical studies

  • Onco-transcriptomic analysis

  • Market launch of a platform for early diagnosis of cancer of any biochemical etiology (accuracy of at least 98%).

  • Sense-stabilizing drug

  • Diagnostic platform

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