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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated AI Solutions powered by Arllecta

Our Services

Speech Recognition/Speech Synthesis/Combining Solutions

Speechllect is a cloud-based, high-speed speech recognition and synthesis solution. 10 seconds of audio file is processed in 1 user second.

99,9% of accuracy for articulated pronunciations. 

Multi-voice mode for generating a human-like voice.

The price is twice as low as the current solutions of the big IT giants.

The response time of technical customer support is just 1 hour.

Сustom use tools - Web Interface, API

Integration: Zoom Market Place

Own technologies: Sense Fucntion 


Business User Cases:

Call Centers:

  • transcription of incoming calls (logging)

  • redirecting an incoming call to the desired department

  • formation of a response to the client in one voice in real-time mode

  • determination of the emotional tone of an incoming call


Game Makers:

  • transcription of the conversation between the participant and the character of the game

  • assigning a specific voice to each character in the game

  • transfer by the game participant of the emotional coloring of the commands to the characters of the game through their communication

  • game participant - polyphonic game character 



  • chatbot polyphonic voice

  • transcription of the conversation between client and chatbot (CRM purposes)

  • chatbot-client website communications by the voice (4 communication modes: 'text-to-text', 'text-to-voice', 'voice-to-text' & 'voice-to-voice')

  • scenario plan of actions for a chatbot


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Intention System

SenseLimit is a multi-object sense-focused system for identifying the intent of incoming user data.

It works in real-time mode. The system allows users to work with over 100 business topics and 100,000 intentions

A clear and simple web interface allows creating functionality for processing the incoming flow of customer data and immediately integrate it into own application in real-time mode. 

Сustom use tools - Web Interface, API

Own technologies: Sense DerivativeSense Antiderivative


Business User Cases:

CRM platforms:

  • intention transcription of incoming/outcoming messages of  clients & employees (logging)

  • creating, editing, and deleting intent classes for various analytical tasks

  • creation of a scenario plan for the interaction of employees and clients of the company




  • transcription of the conversation between the bank client and the employee of the bank

  • assigning a scenario plan for the behavior of a bank employee when communicating with clients

  • implementation of a quality control system for the work of bank employees



Search app (website option):

  • multi-subject event search

  • scenario search by trigger words, phrases, or


  • multi-topic search

  • creation of a script search based on trigger words received when communicating with a client on a website.

  • realization of 'sense-to-sense' search


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Search Sense Intellect

QuickRon is a decentralized search system based on neuro-amorphic semantic architecture (proprietary solution).

It allows integrating revolutionary sense-to-sense search algorithm that searches for senses, not keywords. It is capable of working with over 1 trillion objects of different nature. 

​Its main task is to present of intellectual self-learning and self-developing system that, besides search service, will be capable of presenting a series of innovative and high-tech solutions, which are targeted to minimize a tedious and long-lasting activity of a user on the Internet. 

Сustom use tools - Web Interface, API

Own technologies: Sense Derivative, Sense Antiderivative, Arllecta: Decentralized Sense-To-Sense Network

Speech Analytics

SenseProfile is a multi-voice system for monitoring and analyzing the incoming audio stream.

The system is capable of identifying objects of conversation, checking the fulfillment of established behavioral scenarios for employees of various divisions of the company, and much more.

Сustom use tools - Web Interface, API

Integration: Zoom Market Place

Own technologies: Sense Space, Sense Series


Business User Cases:


  • subject transcription of incoming/outcoming calls (CRM purposes)

  • identification of conversation objects (number affiliation)

  • creation and control of scenario behavior of a sales manager

  • object logging of sales business meetings

  • topic identification of the client conversation




  • assigning a scenario plan for the behavior of a company employee when communicating with external clients

  • implementation of a control system for company employees in part of preserving intellectual-property

  • personal identification of conversation objects

  • scripted 24/7 audio control




  • implementation of the client's mood detection system

  • implementation of a scenario plan for communicating with a client

  • employee control and consulting system

  • service quality analytics system

  • identification of conversation objects


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Sense Communication System

Zombty is a multifunctional interactive 'single window' system.

It includes a user board, calendar, meeting room, chat, email, and other services. 

The system supports over 1 million users simultaneously

Сustom use tools - Web Interface, API

Business User Cases:


  • conducting audio/video meetings with more than 100 thousand employees at the same time

  • interactive interaction of a group of employees on related tasks via chat or email in a single window

  • personalized group board

  • work with multiple groups in a meeting room simultaneously 



  • working with several classrooms at the same time

  • working with an interactive user-board in one or more groups

  • attaching certain teaching materials to a a particular group of students

  • personalized notification system

  • group & personal educational calendar

  • personalized group email


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Personal Mobile Concierge

lMITI is a personal mobile application with concierge capabilities for performing routine daily tasks.

Calling a taxi, ordering a table in a restaurant, booking air tickets, sending messages, executing user scenarios in any life situation, this is a little that this application can do.

Сustom use tools - Mobile Interface, API

Preventive Diagnostic System

MedZard is a decentralized intellectual diagnose system.

The system allows users to get ~90% accurate diagnoses for many diseases, interpret medical tests, and provide daily assistance in tracking drug intake.​​

Own technologies, «Hematological Preventive Method» and «Neurochain: Decentralized Chain of Transactions» also allows users to get detailed information about its current statement of health and list of recommendations online

Сustom use tools - Mobile Interface, API

Own technologies: Medllecta. Hematological Preventive Method (HPM),  Medllecta. Hematological Preventive Method (HPM). Part 2

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The integration process for any of the seven core services takes a few minutes.

There are only two integration phases:

  1. choosing functionality & form of result 

  2. connecting API 

Our technical support team will help as quickly as within 1 hour​

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