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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

With over 12 years of experience in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Mathematical Modeling, we provide self-learning and predictive network "ArLLecta"

for business solutions of the global market. The network is fully implemented on the basis of the revolutionary mathematical theory 'Sense Theory' and the highly scalable 'Proof of Participation Protocol (PoPP)' specially designed for AI tasks. 

Cloud Analytics Modernization

With the new sense-to-sense paradigm of cloud data processing, any business process can be 99.9% automated. We leave the remaining 1% to the business owner for 24/7 control purposes. 

Versatility in Application

ArLLecta  provides 7 core AI solutions for all levels of business. Among them 'Speech Recognition/Speech Synthesis', 'Intention System', 'Speech Analytics', 'Chat Mail', 'Personal Mobile Concierge', 'Search Intellect' & 'Medical Diagnostic System'. 

Data Science Acceleration

Thanks to the innovative sense-parser algorithm, our users can find, edit and create their business data blocks between more than one trillion objects of any nature in just a few minutes.

Full Customer Experience Service

A simple and clear web interface of each AI solution allows our users to quickly and efficiently solve problems of varying complexity without any coding.


Unprecedented Velocity

 Impeccable Reliability

The speed of launching an AI project of any complexity has not yet been so effective. 3-4 months from scratch.  

Highly scalable services designed for high user load support over one billion daily users.

ArLLecta is a new generation sense-to-sense network of everyday-products with features of:

  • Transparency

We create each of our products with the ability for our users to see and control the process of its work.

  • Global availability

We make access to our products 24/7. Our intelligent support system allows a user to get an answer to various questions anywhere in the world.

  • Personalization

We create personalized services for each individual user in a real-time mode.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of AI Experience


Direct Corporate Users


AI Deep-Tech Products 


Own Math Algorithms


Application Industries 

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Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

ArLLecta's services can help you with:​

  • 99,9% of business process automation

  • multiple reductions in operating costs

  •  100% personalized customer service

  • real-time sales management

  • predictive analytics of customer and employee behavior

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