Welcome to Arllecta

With over 12 years of experience in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Modeling, we provide an Intellectual Network "ArLLecta"

for business products of global markets. The network is totally realized by such own technologies as "Proof of Participation Protocol (PoPP)" and "Neuro-Amorphic Construction Algorithm (NACA)".

First and main realization of the network is GBN desktop application that allows a user to:

  • create own business project and recruit specialists for its realization globally

  • choose the number of needed phases for each business contract

  • write or download the contract's conditions

  • choose the needed quantity of hours for each phase and recruiter and earn on it


  • use one of the preferable fiat currencies including a new electronic currency with high-level cryptographic security

  • make a security money transaction as fast as in seconds

  • choose one or several business contracts and earn on it as a partner, employer or employee

  • use your free disk space for earning extra money by storing hashes of third party business contracts

  • get all your global business private and secure  


How it works?

Partnership option allows to:

  • find a business partner in other city or country at any business field in a minute.

  • choose a currency for service payments

  • get agreed upon phases & conditions of business contract

  • get signed and secured by unbreakable contract cipher

  • get a remote ciphered channel for control of  "phase-to-phase" execution process of the contract.   

Global Employer option allows to:

  • find an employee or group of employees globally.

  • distribute type of jobs personally or by a group inside a single or several business contracts simultaneously.

  • get employees around the world without having to attend its country.

  • split the contract into as many phases as needed and control it on a daily basis.

  • develop private business globally. 

Worldwide Employee option allows to:

  • find an employer or group of employers in a specific business field.

  • choose one or many different jobs in different business fields simultaneously.

  • get paid by an international employer without having to get a visa for the employer's country.

  • earn as much money as your disk storage.

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Privilege business
Worldwide business
Global Contracts without political or economical borders
Privacy & Security
for sensitive personal and corporate data
 Privilege in choosing own  future partners 


Decentralized Sense-To-Sense Network
Need a global partnership? 
Want to get a possibility to do a borderless and politics-free worldwide business?

ArLLecta welcomes you to Global Business Network!

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