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worldwide business contracts
Worldwide Business Contracts

With our desktop application you will be professionally able to:

  • form, sign, and post worldwide your employer's contract in any business field

  • post a job request and find an appropriate employee's contract

  • earn as much money as a storage space you have

By a unique approach based on "Proof of Participation Protocol," we made it possible to sign and control a set of business contracts in parallel. A participant of the network can be as individual as a small, medium or large business company, 

Legitimacy and Financial Protection  

All contracts a participant signs are legally confirmed by all parties of those contracts. Each party of a contract is responsible for only within its part of the contract in a specified contract phase.  

As for a payment plan the application allows us to choose a currency that will match a participant's need. Besides traditional currencies such as US dollars, Euros and others, the network uses a measurement standard, "hours", which help determine a degree of legal activity of a participant.       

Security and Privacy

We propose an extremely secure and robust way of storing business information of any kind. By our own innovative cryptographic mechanism, "Neuro-Amorphic Construction Algorithm (NACA)", we guarantee that none of the contract-related data will be compromised.   NACA allows a participant to transmit a contract data worldwide publicly without a worry to be intercepted as it is "one way" ciphered. In other words, there is no way for an attacker to get your sensitive business information decrypted at all.      


Decentralized Sense-To-Sense Network
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Want to get a possibility to do a borderless and politics-free worldwide business?

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